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I finally defeated Molag Bal and get my priceless soul back. I'm so happy that after I die, my soul will back to the Hist and some Argonian hatchling will be able to drink it with Hist sap. Maybe my Argonian from Skyrim did that in fourth era, who knows. I'm going to pray to the Hist for strength before new adventures! (And by the way, people can don't like ESO for being an MMO and not TES6 but the quests and story lines are in my opinion the main reason why this game is worthy "The Elder Scrolls" in title.)
  • ServerusEcru
    Congrats man! I definitely agree about the quest, they are well written all around. The lore is what makes this game special.
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  • Creegz
    This one congratulates you on your success and hopes to achieve the same soon.
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