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Stam nb pvp gear recommendations

Soul Shriven
Hello Everyone. I have a more or less simple question. Which is, what set would compliment my 5 piece eternal hunt set best in PvP. Im looking at a proc set more than anything else. To give me more burst so i can at least manage a 1vX situation.

Now ik at the very moment viper is extremely strong but with the horns of the reach DLC coming out in august ik it's getting a big nerf. So i dont really see a point in farming for a set thats got a nerf headed its way. The sets i were looking at are vicecannon, widowmaker, and possibly TBS(after patch)?? Widowmaker seems strongest to me unless anyone has a better set.

Right now im wearing:
2x selene's
5x eternal hunt (legs, chest, hands, boots, bow)
5x spriggans (jewelry, belt, two-handed)

I'm thinking vicecannon COULD be the better choice. But i havent tested its mechanics before. IE, does it proc off of an attack from shadowy disguise and if so, can you proc it through AoE from shadowy disguise.

Any comments, advice, and recommendations are much appreciated!

EDIT: I realize now after the fact that i probably posted this in the wrong topic discussion of the forums. However, the mobile site doesnt give an option to delete or move threads so bare with me guys and i apologize if this isnt the correct venue for this topic XD
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  • cjhhickman39
    Take a look at senche bite not exactly what your looking for but works well with eternal hunt
  • ARisingShaft
    Soul Shriven
    I can see that Senches bite has good synergy well with eternal hunt but I dont think it will make a significant difference compared to other sets out there. Unless someone can prove the math. I'm no good at theory crafting. Any other suggestions? Bumpdy bump.
  • Grimhallow
    I know you're looking for a front bar set- but it is going to be very reliant on your playstyle and how much weapon damage and regen you plan on running. You might also want to consider something like Coward's for your back bar (I've used it a lot of this patch and I've been having a lot of fun with it). I posted a video of me using it if you're curious about the playstyle.

    Depending on your weapon damage I think Spriggan's is going to be very strong for stamblades next patch.

    One more thing to think about: If you use Cowards (or another dropped set on your back bar) It would allow you to use a crafted front bar, like clever alchemist or hunding's (which is one of the sets getting a passive buff via weapon crit). Just some food for thought.

    If you are set on using that build pattern then I would skip Senche's Bite, as you won't get the weapon damage buff and the Eternal Hunt Mine in the same roll unless you use 1h/shield or dual wield- but then you lose major exp from the bow (you could use quick cloak for it if you go DW).

    Hope this all helps~
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  • Subversus
    Shadow walker. That's all I'm going to say. There isn't a stronger set for stamblade than shadow walker...
  • Grimhallow
    Subversus wrote: »
    Shadow walker. That's all I'm going to say. There isn't a stronger set for stamblade than shadow walker...

    True- Shadow Walker is probably the strongest back bar set in the game for nightblades, but it is also one that requires more skill to play than other sets, and is slightly harder to get. Read the 5 pc set bonus and decide if it's something that synergizes with your playstyle. It's worth checking out.

    It is what I am running right now- oh but keep in mind also that it doesn't always live up to its potential in a group context, and in those cases you might find that eternal hunt performs better. But again it's all about you group comp and playstyle.
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  • Sarato
    @ARisingShaft Replace Spriggans with Viper. Enjoy destroying everything.
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