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Need Ideas for Friend Making Templar BG Healer Build

Hey Guys, I was hoping to get some general ideas for a friend who wants to start running BGs w/ me as mostly a dedicated healer.
He's really new to pvp, but is my main pve healer and knows alot about that side of the game.

Anyway, I was just looking for a general build type i could suggest for him- weapons, skills, and gear.
Ive played alot of Templar in pvp, but never as a dedicated heal in small group like BGs.

I was thinking probably he's gonna want to run 5 heavy and probably one regen set and one support set like Trans. or Wiz Riposte, w/ maybe troll king or something.
--Thanks for any input. Cheers.
  • Dakmor_Kavu
    You're definitely on the right track. 5 heavy is going to be the best bet, and as you said look for one sustain and one support set. If sustain isn't as much of an issue do consider two support sets, but if you're out of resources you can't heal so I tend to play it safe myself and go with a support set.

    Monster sets are hugely beneficial and as you said troll King is one of the most popular. I like my chokethorn set personally (if you're around an objective for even a few seconds there is a good chance it procs) but both provide excellent healing.

    My personal healing setup is:
    Chokethorn set (1 heavy 1 medium)
    4 seducer armor (heavy)
    1 trans armor (light)
    *this gets me 5 heavy, and max undaunted bonus*
    3 trans jewelery
    1 trans sword, 1 seducer shield
    1 trans restoration staff
    *This gives me 100% uptime on trans and seducer is active when I'm on my turtle bar with the more expensive skills

    I have considered swapping around the weapons so seducer is active 100% of the time, and trans when I'm on my sword and board bar (since it is a nice long 20s buff) but I'm just lazy and haven't done so yet.
  • HeathenDeacon
    Right on.
    I'm definitely thinking Seducer, Trans. w/ Troll King or checking out Chokethorn will be an easy to build setup.

    I'm assuming that menas if we go Resto staff front bar, S&B back bar He could back bar Trans. and it'd still proc off rapid regen even if it's cast from front bar. And then put Purifying Ritual on S&B bar for another proc chance.

    That all shuold cover healing, utility, and regen...
    Prob Max Magic and health food... i'm thinking hes gonna need a decent amount of health to survive getting focused.
    Maybe tri-stat enchants for for more health and stam.
    Maybe add theif mundus for some extra healing and small dps increase.
    Mostly Impen traits on armor, but might also need some sturdy since this is no cp.
  • Dakmor_Kavu
    Definitely want to go with impen for armor trait. The health doesn't actually need to be crazy high. As long as you have mobility options (mist form is huge) you can reduce incoming damage and get those line of sight breaks that are crucial. Most of his survivability is going to come from positioning, and determining when to block vs when to run ("tactically relocate").

    There's only so much you can do when too many guys want to focus you down. Should be no issue with 1 or 2 guys on him for a bit.
    Edited by Dakmor_Kavu on July 13, 2017 10:57PM
  • Thogard
    It's better to have stacked HoTs between multiple players than to have a "dedicated" healer. Have your sorc backbar resto ult and healing ward, have your magplar backbar resto ult and BoL, have your Druid (preferably Stam) have his healing ult, and have your Stam DPS slot vigor and run troll king. each character should be able to focus on damage while still contributing healing to the group

    Then just stand on top of each other and coordinate the dumping of ultimates so that they're staggered. Run a Stam DK for the root if things are getting hairy.
    Edited by Thogard on July 14, 2017 10:09PM
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