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Bloodstorm [PS4/EU] - PVE guild looking for cool friendly members

We are looking to create an active community of free thinking and friendly people who like to help each other when required.
If you are looking to share your stories, have a banter or go on a monster killing spree across Tamriel with your team mates, then we may be your new home.

We are offering:
  • Friendly group of team members who are active, social and welcoming.
  • Help with information for quests and game information.
  • Freedom to explore and learn at your own pace
  • Groups for monster hunts, delve exploration and dungeon runs
  • Experienced Raid leaders - a weekly trial team
  • Multiple Well Equipped Guild Halls with attenuable crafting stations and dps test skeletons
  • Active Trader with good location & price guidance every week
  • PVP events and campaigns (in the near future)

What we are looking for in new members:
  • Friendly and mature attitude
  • Willingness to help others (reasonably of-course :smile: )
  • Love for ESO
  • Actively seeking moms/dads/hubbys/wives/family groups playing eso (most of our guild members belong to these categories)

UPDATE: We are 375+ atm with limited member slots available & have good trader location every week.

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned champion , if you are interested in joining us please reply with your details and one of us shall send an invite.
You may also send a message for invite to PSN: BluSapphire
Edited by BleuZephyr on October 15, 2017 5:44AM
  • BleuZephyr
    We had an awesome response.

    <3 We have added 50+ members since posting this message. <3

    Looking to hire a guild trader tonight. o:)

    Recruitment is still open :)
  • BleuZephyr
    Latest update:

    <3<3 Had a great week, 150+ members and still counting... <3<3

    Great trader in our second week also > Murgrud at the Bandaari Trading Post

    We have a mixed community of veteran and new players and we pride ourselves in our 'new player' friendliness.

    Regular guild events with lots of other fun activities. Do look us up B)

    Recruitment open. o:)
  • johnnpod92
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm jist coming back to.eso. don't the factions matter anymore??
  • BleuZephyr
    @Johnpod92 They do matter in terms of role play or pvp fights in cyrodiil, else they don't. Any alliance character can go anywhere.
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