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A New Dark Brotherhood Assassin Tale

'Twas 2 days past 4th of July
And all through the land of Arena25
Every creature was stirring
Even a fly

Arena25 swatted the fly
Killing it immediately
Then refocused his attention
On Bee'lest's next assassination

Bee'lest was in Ebonheart
On a boat on the docks
Trying to take out a smuggler
Who had too much time on the clock

He successfully took out the smuggler
And looted a nice clay cup
Then found a female dark elf
With her pockets full of stuff

Arena25 had a plan
A dubious plan
A plan to kill
This poor dark elf

He calculated once
He calculated twice
Soon, the docks would belong
To Bee'lest and Arena25

He lined up the kill shot
And pressed X on the feed
And discovered, to his horror
A bounty was on his head

He rushed off the docks
To get to the wayshrine
But it was too late to teleport
The guards were swarming the shrine

If Bee'lest and Arena25 wanted refuge
He'd have to think fast
How luck that Arena25's
Knowledge of Stonefalls was vast

He went to Vivec's Antlers
Threw a pact soldier into the pile of refuse
And went straight to the Outlaw's Refuge
Without a moment to lose

As Arena25's heart slowly recovered
He recounted how lucky he was to his girlfriend
He finally decided to call it quits for the day
For another day of bad luck awaited at work the next day
If you can't handle the heat...stay out of the kitchen!
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