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Xbox one (NA) item prices?

Hello. I just started playing eso again after a few months. I was wondering for xbox one (NA) how everyone finds out the prices for auctions? I have a bunch of blues and purples I would like to sell and the only guides I see are outdated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  • QuebraRegra
    esobay is of some limited usefulness...
  • Waffennacht
    What I've started doing is 2 part:

    The traders in Rawl have some of the most standard prices - I check here first.
    Go to the traders around my guilds' then price approximately where their prices are (a little lower)

    Then if it doesn't sell, cut price by 50%, then it usually sells
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  • xb1LL_mr_sir_LL
    people will walk around for an hour askin others about prices before they use their brain and just check traders in popular locations.
  • drake88131
    Dude..go to mournhold...look at prices...make urs 1k less than lowest. Bam! You're welcome.
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