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GUIDE: How make gold and become rich

  • itreboiz
    Prepare yuorself for the new dlc. I think will be out for 14th. Buy and do some writs. Save voucher so you re gonna but all the new recipes the first day. Seem that probably the Rolis Hlaalu Box will drop morrowind new recipe (they are very expensive).

    So, i think one of the best way will be stay focused every day in master wrtis + farmign the 3 new motifs.
  • VinyParsley2016
    itreboiz wrote: »
    I'm itreboiz. Master Crafter (still need Buoyant), all provisioning recipes, 1000+ furnishing recipes, and motif book collector. I am also GM of Trinity Merchants, Payday II and IV.

    Every week alot of people/traders in my guilds can't hit the 10k/week minimum sales. So, I'm here to explain how the game economy works and how make gold. The game economy is basically a game inside a game (TESO). It consists in a dynamic system that usually reflects the real life economy (trading, inflation, speculative bubble,...). This is why a lot of people like it and play it.

    Years ago it was difficult make a million, now it's easy. We have more ways to make gold. New stuff (like cipher and dust) and new events have helped a lot. Making money is only a matter of time. Not luck. Time.

    Sure you can find the Cipher or other expensive stuff but that is not luck, it is probability. The more time you spend farming or trading, the more gold you make. Usually playing 3-4h/day means making something like 100k.

    ADD ON(s):

    You need to install Master Merchant and Awesome Guild Store. You can even use TTC instead of MM.

    There are a lot of way to make gold:

    - FARMING:

    - MOTIFS:

    Right now it's easy for everyone do Daily Quests (Ashlander+Justice) in Vvardenfell. The quests are sharable so you can do every quest with all your characters. Right now the Ashlander page is worth around 9-10k and Morag Tong 10-15k each. Drop rate I think is something like 30-40%. It's easly make 50k/day or more.

    If you have a lot of time, the best way is farming Buoyant Arminger Motif pages. Run around all Vvardenfell, open ALL chests and pick up your page. You can find it even in simple chest. It's not easy to farm it. The drop rate is really low. Usually you can find 1 page in 3-4h of farming, but is not for sure. We're talking about a drop rate of 0,0001% or something like that, I guess.

    To be prepared you need: Savior of Morrowind achievement for better drop rate and the Harvest Map addon too see all the chest in Vvardenfell. When you are ready, run in circles around all Vvardenfell and open the chests. A page worth 150-300k (from mace to chest one). During your farming route you could find some War Maiden stuff, like divine gear (10-20k) or sharpened weapon (inferno staff worth right now 200k). If you decide to farm it, my advice is to run for 3-4h, and if you can twice a day. If you find 1 page/day + gear, you can make 200k/day, or something like 1.5m/week (net income).

    - SETS:
    Check always the pve/pvp builds from Alcast and other big players and farm their sets. Right now Necropotence is still a good and useful set. You can always farm War Maiden, Sun, Red Mountain, Spriggan,...Go to the specific zone and farm public dungeons or world bosses.

    - FISHING:
    Look in google for the bait guide and start fishing. Fish a lot, then, start filleting. You have the probability to find the Perfect Roe that worth 10-13k/each. It's a good way to make gold when you're low level. I dont know the drop rate right now. Year ago was 1,5%, now is probably changed.

    - RAW MATS:
    Craglorn is still my favorite zone. Farming around every raw mats + flowers + furnishing mats + nirn. Then you can resell raw mat's stacks or refine and sell Temper Alloy (5,8k/ea), Wax (4,5k/ea), Rosin (3,2k/ea), nirn fortified (2,4k/ea), nirn potent (10k/ea).

    - FLOWERS:
    Corn flowers (310g/ea), lady smock (250g/ea), columbine (180g/ea), bugloss (120g/ea), nirn root (200g/ea). Cold Harbour is probably one of the best farming place in the game. You can resell flowers or craft potion yourself. Right now a lot of ppl need Spell Dmg pots.

    You can steal from noble or other npc and find expensive stuff (check on reddit, the guides for wood elf, orc, breton throne and skooma bubbler) or farm the Nchulefting Public Dungeon, so you can find dwemer pet part (7-8k/ea) + dwarven recipe (50-400k, depend which). Steal npc or safebox inside homes.

    Farm the public dungeons so you can find Dwemer pet parts (7-8k each) or the Six House Costume (12-15k each). You can sell the pieces or farm/buy all and sell the complete pet (60/70k) or complete robe (120-130k).

    - XP POTS:
    Buy perfect roe and dust at good price and resell Mythical Ambrosia (19-20k/ea) or the normal ambrosia (2,7-3k/ea). If you are a crafter and you "farm" vouchers, you can always buy diminished dust and craft the medium xp pot and sell it for 10-12k/ea.


    Do all daily writs, especially blacksmith, clothing and wood for alloy, wax, rosin + harvest raw mat maps + master wirt. If you do every day with 10-12 pg's you can easily make 100-150k for free basically (as a master crafter i have alot of mats so i don't give value to the mats that i spend for the writs).

    Do yours or buy Master Writs at a good price. Make alot of vouchers buy stuff from vendor and sell it in guild store.

    Go around all Tamriel and spam your crafter's message. I usually ask to customer mats+1-2k gold for each piece. A full 5 pieces set is something like 5-10k (depend number of trait and style).


    This is the BEST way to make gold. Use multi monitors, open TTC in your browser's pages, refresh and monitor TTC so you'll be the first to buy the good deals. Go around ALL trade guilds in Tamriel (if you can 3 time day, morning/afternoon/night). Check all guilds using filter and buy good deal to resell. Sometime u can find really good deals like spriggan or other expensive weapon sharpened at ridiculous price like 10-20k and resell at 150-300k gold. Reselling every day it's easy make 2-5m/week. Obviously is not net income, maybe you can have a 25-30% clean income. Depend how much good you are and how many good deal u find.

    - PVP:

    I'm not a pvp player (I hate pvp). But you can farm AP and rersell Akaviri motif pages or sets. Or going farming Tel Var and resell flowers or sets.


    - Who is a good/veteran trader?
    Someone that can make 1k gold/min or can resell 3-5m/week

    - Why if I'm a low level?
    I'm my opinion one of the best way for low lvl is fishing for perfect roe or right now even farming daily in Vvardenfell.

    - Why sell in a guild store and not in zone chat?
    In a guild store you can have visibility 24/7, so you dont need to go crazy around Tamriel spamming in zone chat. Some times is more the time you spend spamming, then the value of gold that you can make in the same amount of time.

    C'mon, man. You don't know RBG? You can earn millions a night! :D
  • Trashs1
    what is rgb @VinyParsley2016 ?
    Dolche des Königs (DDK); EuPC, DC, Sotha Sil,
  • itreboiz
    No, i dont know. Please explain what you mean
  • itreboiz
    New DLC is coming. Prepare yourself to farm and buy good deal.

    1) Go straight into Vvardefell and waer again yuor thief's outfits. You'll have 3 new motifs style to steal (probably 1 robbing, 1 thieve trove, 1 safebox)

    2) check every zone chat and guild store. Alot of noob people will sell new stuff at low price (es. new motif page at 5-10k the first day. You can resell it at high price)

    3) visit Rolis Hlaalu, buy new gold recipes and resell them. Buy even the rng box for morrowind's furnishing recipe

    4) farm/buy and resell new furnishing stuff and recipes (new dungeons, coldharbour, ayleid ruins,...)

    Good luck and happy farm! ^^
  • OmniDo
    itreboiz wrote: »
    really, u can do 10k in 10-30 min max. Is not about that people don't know what to farm (becasue i always explain at my guilds mate). Is not even a amtter of time. Just ppl dont want to put some effort.
    However, if everyone thought this way then the so called market would be pointless.
    In ESO, its possible for a single character to have everything required to be completely self-sufficient.
    The question is one of time, with lots of laziness, greed, and corruption mixed in.
    Not surprisingly like real life. :smirk:

    Apparently players are oblivious to the fact that this "wealth" doesnt come from nowhere.
    The tens of thousands of gold that market capitalists are charging the masses and getting in return for their items doesnt appear out of thin air. Someone, somewhere, has to grind it out using the only means available in game to acquire gold: Farming Mobs and vendoring drops, and/or static rewards for completing quests.
    Not surprisingly like real life. :smirk:

    Those are the ONLY legitimate ways to "earn" gold.
    The rest of them are just trading their invested time for an inflated value of everyone elses invested time, all because they "think" they deserve 2, 4, 8, 10, or even 100x more for the things they farmed from those who are duped into buying their stuff.
    May the wrath of Sithis be unleashed upon them.
    Edited by OmniDo on August 17, 2017 8:07PM
  • itreboiz
    So, right now stealing from people in Vvardenfell seem pretty easy, fast and funny (who love blade of who animation?)

    Drop is 1 page/30min of Hlaalu, Telvanni, Redoran and right now they sell for 20k/each. We'll be easy find 4-5 each day (or more). And if your're lucky you can drop the complete book that u can sell for 1-2m gold (and i'm intrested to buy them ^^).

    Rkindaleft and dwarven ruins are still goods to farm dwarven recipe (200k+ each).

    Remember even to jump in IC during this event (until 18th). Double telvar it's rly good (alot of people have a business based on them, and they make some millions gold each week).

    Next step will be wait and try PTS, the new orsinium and christmas event (maybe new motifs and recipes?) and obviously the new DLC in autumn.

    Happy farming! ^^
  • itreboiz
    Clockwork City is here,


    - Farming daily in clockwork city for Apostle and Ebonshadow motfis wiht all pg's. You can even share quests (15k/each). Really easy to farm.

    - Steal from npc for furnishing recipe

    - Farm Falkreath Hold and Bloodforge Veteran for new motfis (40/50k each)

    Remember always:

    - Go every day with all pg's in Dreloth Ancestral Tombs and open all urns (u can find really expensive furnishing recipe, even 400k+)

    - Perfect roe is always good and requested, Even craft writs for vouchers (new transmutation table cost something like 1200 writ)

    About Buoyant Armiger?

    If you like you can always farm it evne if the price is dropped (110-140k each). Imo the drop rate is always the same.
  • IcyDeadPeople
    itreboiz wrote: »
    No, i dont know. Please explain what you mean

    Not sure but I think Vinny is talking about when you put on Engine Guardian and take bets on whether the beam that pops up is red, blue or green.
  • Izaki
    RouDeR wrote: »
    The most profitable is to farm telvar bosses in Imperial City . Learn to pvp , make tanky build go solo or with 1 fr and farm on empty server 100k telvars an hour wich are 250-300k gold (ps4 EU).
    This is how i equped and golded all of my 11 toons .

    ^ This. 100k Tel Var should be doable in about 30-40 minutes depending on the bosses that spawned and how many trash mobs you chose to kill or ignore. Frankly, you don't even need a super duper tanky build, just use your current PvP build but instead of the main 5 piece set, use Imperial Physique. Depending on the emptiness of IC, you can make your bars more and more PvE focused, which will skyrocket your DPS and therefore the Tel Var and Gold gains.

    Reselling is obvioiusly more effortless, but on consoles, its pretty hard to do correctly without spending days on remembering the prices for everything in order to spot the good deals.
    @ Izaki #PCEU
    #FrenchKiss #GoneFor2YearsAndMyGuildDoesn'tRaidAnymore
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