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Making the most of your free ESO+

I actually bought it for the month. I rotate a sub every now and then for convenience, DLC, housing limits, etc. and I was due anyway, so free crates for me. Here are some tips for those that have never had ESO+ or want to take full advantage of what the service offers:

1 Log into each toon: Get their inventory into the craft bag and pick up thieves guild quest to enable the troves if you don't have it. This is by toon, not account.
2 Farming is a joy, take everything - same with refining. Intensive farming is more efficient, farm hard... then relax when its over.
3 Your bank space is doubled, but keep in mind the mats you used to keep in the bank will need to go somewhere besides the bag after plus is over.
4 Color all costumes and hats at the dye station while you can.
5 Lifetime supply of molybdenum for the writ simplicity.
6 Fill your house to its limit; before I subbed I had 400/200 in my primary.
7 I emptied the mats from my personal guild bank into the bag to make more space - for the boe stuff I'll have to push out of the normal bank when the sub is up.
8 Combine your exp pots with it on the new toon for moar exp on the random dungeon, with a bunch of completed quests to turn in right after.
9 Get world bosses and skyshards from areas/dlc you aren't interested in for the stuff you do want.

Feel free to add anything helpful!

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