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Brood of the nightmother, join our weird little family!

The best way to describe our guild is a family of weirdos and misfits who like to group up and get things done, we are friendly as hell and strive to help everyone and make everyone feel welcome, we have people of all walks of life and everyone is welcome as long as you are active and chatty, although we don't appreciate prejudice or bullies! We have a fully equipped guild hall, occasional trader, voluntary donations go towards competitions and traders but if you can't donate thats cool too, bank for trusted guildies, a facebook/psn chat/facebook group, events too, if you want to be a part of our family please message my psn - tankytequila

Have a wonderful day
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  • I_Hoboz
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there I am looking for a guild to join i have come across your guild and it stands out I play very often and I am struggling finding people to group up with I'm still learning the mechanics of the game I'm currently a argonian Templar champ lvl 60champ working on a dps build my psn is I_Hoboz
  • lostforever2011b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven

    I am new player (level 6 ob multiple toons!) on PS4 and looking for social guild to join.

    My play time right now is erratic and normally after 10pm UK time mainly due to being dad of 2 year old! So I won't be doing lot of speaking in voice in case I accidentally wake the baby up! However I will do my best to be social and help out.

    So if you are fine with the above, please send me an invite. Thanks!

    I am old MMO player and its feel odd playing a game by myself. Normally I will be reading zone/guild/ chat etc while playing but nothing like that happens on ESO.

    PSN - sanjsuku2014
  • Lana_Del_slay
    Hello I don't check this thread often at all if you want to join please message me on psn - tankytequila

  • nu4an
    Soul Shriven
    hey I'm looking for a friendly guild, could I have an invite please? usually on after 10pm on weekdays psn - capt-kickarse
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