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Ancestral tomb rubbings

I cant take othrelas and Aran tomb rubbings, anyone else have same problem? Xbox eu

Best Answer

  • Cpt_Teemo
    I just took them all on Pc
  • Moonscythe
    I am on Xbox NA and had no trouble collecting them though I did need a map to find them. Are you sure you haven't already collected them? They won't give that option once you have it collected. I found that helpful when I finally got on a run to get them all. I had already collected some and couldn't a second time.
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  • pougalbear
    I'm on Xbox EU and managed to get them Iall.
    GT: Pougalbear

    EU Xbox One
  • method__01
    got them all for 4 different toons,try change weapon when close

    maybe you already got them,cause if you dont deliver and just having in your bag,the list wont update
    Edited by method__01 on July 1, 2017 8:12PM
    famous quotes: "it's RNG"
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  • TheUrbanWizard
    Yeh got it, relogged, weap swapped and I could rub it! Thnx for the help
    Edited by TheUrbanWizard on July 1, 2017 8:48PM
  • TheShadowScout
    Yeah, sometimes there is that "cannot interact" bug crawling from out under some coded rock... but as has been mentioned, it can be dealt with. Relog usually will take care of it. Weapon swap sometimes too. Or opening and closing inventory (that did it for me last time I ran into that one).
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    Kera de'Saln Skittish Khajiit Clockwork Kitty
    Selan Dekar Stern Imperial Blood Mage Exile
    Kral Na-Dees Pale Argonian Tomb Raider
  • brainstewed1
    i have 5 rubbings that aren't showing up to collect.i've tried wep swap,roll dodge,open inv. and relogging. still not working. any other suggestions?
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