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Price for legendary Kuta Rune?

Soul Shriven
Hi! I want to sell my legendary Kuta rune stones and I can't seem to find an accurate price anywhere! Can anyone give me a price estimate per stone?

Best Answers

  • Akira-DarkShadows
    On the ps4 its 4.5k each, also check the guild traders to see how much people are selling them.
    PSN: AkiraNightWish
    PC: @Akira-NightWish
  • Tieberion
    not a high demand item. if u need coin you can sell in bulk at discounted price.
    for example i have about 200+ in my craft bag. Most low lvl toon will not use a kuta and CP 160+ we not use that much only on end game armor/weapon/jews.

    just not a high demand item.
    i would buy in bulk but would have to be something like 100k for 100 (not say i would do but thats my price)
    were you get high coin amount but i get high discount. other wise stick to 4-5K per on trader and sell 1 or 2 a month.

    200? What server are you on? Looking for a bulk buy on NA PC
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