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Just for fun - DK or Templar

For aesthetics, cause I like the look: Heavy armor, sword and shield, Magicka build, a just for fun character with which you want to try and solo as much of the game as you can. If you were making that character with those specifications, which would you go with - DK or Templar?

  • Chelister
    Templar for sure (if magicka) - good dps, best heal and good tankiness with right set up.
    Magdk is very immobile and does not have the heal of Templar. Thought I think for AOE damage Magdk is better. For single target damage Templar for sure, for aoes it got the good old jabs though
    Magdk is good for group PVE or PVP content. Magplar is good on its own for solo PVE content or solo PVP
    I would certainly go for magplar if solo, 100%
  • Drdeath20

    For pve you can almost get through everything only using sweeps. For pvp flare, soul assault to radiant oppression is very lethal combo.
  • Savos_Saren
    Dunmer mDK 100%. Easy build:


    Kagrenac, Silks of the Sun (or Burning Spellweave), and Valkyn Skoria

    On your front bar (SnB bar)- you keep all the sets. On your back bar (destro staff bar)- you only drop the 5th piece of Kagrenac.


    This is wearing Kagrenac, SotS, and Valkyn. You won't see the full damage of the setup in the Spell Damage bar of your character sheet... but, if you look at you actual abilities:

    Want to enjoy the game more? Try both PvP (crybabies) and PvE (carebears). You'll get a better perspective on everyone's opinion.

    PC NA AD
    Savos Saren
  • jeedrzej
    Jeedrzej - Magica Dragonknight lvl 50
    Ealian Elieilijas - Magica Sorcerer lvl 50
    Enerias Kazner - Magica Templar lvl 50
    Marcelius SIlny - Stamina Dragonknight lvl 50
    Anvena Kazner - Stamina NIghtblade lvl 50
    Arcynekromantka Anastazja - Magica Nightblade lvl 50
    Threiva Krwawooka - Stamina Sorcerer lvl 50
    Anvena Karen - Stamina Templat lvl 50
    Furia Dorathis - Stamina Dragonknight lvl 50
    Verinia Dziecię Światła - Magica Templar lvl 50
    Anwen Llenariolis - Magica Warden lvl 50
    Welandil Mroźne Serce - Magicka Warden lvl 50
    Brunein Silny - Stamina Warden lvl 50
    Jilialis Szept Nocy - Magicka Sorcerer lvl 50
    Dareiva Tancerka Cieni - Stamina NIghtblade lvl 50
    Doweriusz Desson - Magicka Necromancer lvl 40

    Achievement Hunter
    32560 Achievement Points
    3916 collected books
    305 days in-game
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