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Soul Shriven
The Celestial Myriad

The Celestial Myriad was recently created to be a social PvX guild where everyone is welcome! We are asking you to be social, active and friendly.
All are welcome! Don't matter about level, experience, alliance, age. If you know how to behave, you are friendly to others and want to help us to build warm family-like community together, you are perfect for this guild!

On Invite, we ask you to provide your main class and/or any other class's you like to play (Healer,DD,Tank). This is for roster notes, and allows ease of access for you to find other players of the role you need, fast and easy!

Many events will be hosted by organisers throughout the week, however, if nothing is being run feel free to group for trials or host your own mini events in Guild chat, people who do this will show us that they like hosting events and could possibly become an organiser in future! We encourage a level of maturity and to be friendly with the guild, where here to play and help each other out! We also have our own discord server with plenty of rooms for everything ESO related! The discord will also be able to tell you today's Pledges, TTC Prices, Golden and luxury vendor details, and more!

To join it is easy as 1,2,3
Contact one of the following people in-game:


Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you soon!
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