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What am I doing Wrong?

So I am playing a Stamina Warden and have not been able to pass 15k dps on target skeletons and far less on actual moving mobs. For the most part I have been following the CP layout and skills that Alcast uses in his video:

I have been using gold TBS 5 piece and 5 piece Spriggans Thorn (and 2 defiler as I have not done much dungeon runs for the 2 piece sets). My Daggers are both gold with one sharpened and one precise.
My stats are roughly 33k stamina, 3k weapon damage when on daggers, 76% weapon critical and 900 stamina regen (before self buffing during fight).
So after a while I looked at the individual skill damages from Alcast and noticed his highest dps skill was Endless Hail reaching about 5.5k dps for the entire fight. Average tick of 4k and max of about 6.4k. So I decided to focus on that while keeping all my buffs up. What I got was only an average of 1.6k and max of 1.9k.... Same CP layout (I am only at 570 CP so just a tad lower), roughly same stats with higher crit and crit damage (with TBS).
So, what am I doing wrong? I kept my buffs up the entire fight and I have closely the same stats and CP and using the same skills, so why is my damage output for a single skill so much less (almost 3x less)?

Best Answer

  • eso_nya
    VMA Bow? -> ~65% dmg more on hail; in your case that push your avg to 2,6k.

    r u using weapondmg potions? (-10% dmg if u dont)
    u have 4k less max stam (-5% dmg)
    u get less penetration: 1,9k from krag, 1k from tfs (~6% higher mitigation on target), u run an infused crusher (another 4% if not)?
    u overload crit dmg: u have 88%, optimum would be at 76%. Is okay-ish, but unefficient. additionally, tbs comes with 2 deadstats, hundings gives u 6% weaponcrit in its place -> -4,3% dmg (taking the lower crit dmg into account).
    -> same crit chance while dropping one dagger for an axe -> additional bleed.

    racials? passives/skills unlocked?
    beast trap? -> +10% crit dmg -> (-8,8% dmg tbs // -7,2% on hundings)
    dawnbreaker -> +8% weapon dmg -> +4% dmg

    And most important for the parse: Can u play the rotation perfectly?

    Edit: just noticed: r u sure about avg 1,6 max 1,9 on hail? that would imply u either never did crit, or your crit dmg is below 30% and u have 50% as default/naked/unbuffed. your max should be ~3k.
    Edited by eso_nya on June 28, 2017 6:09PM
    Accepted Answer
  • Kattemynte
    Hmm... totally forgot the vMA bow. If looking at all those that I am missing even doubling my damage output is still far less than his. Though at this point just doubling my dps is a huge improvement.
    Thanks, there is a lot for me to work on in your post.
  • Bobby_V_Rockit
    Yeah, its a weird one. My endless hail gets about 4.9-5.2k dps on my DW/Bow setup (Spriggans bow fwiw) but I can barely get 11k total DPS on the 2H/Bow setup. The only difference being one less monster peice. So as far as 2h/bow build goes, I'm doing something wrong too.
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