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returning player looking for guild. pve/pvp ps4

Soul Shriven
just coming back, cp90 templar looking groups for pve and pvp content.
  • Pirsius
    I run a casual PVE guild, Immortal Mudcrabs. We run many weekly events such as normal trials, skyshard runs, and world boss clears. As well as the Undaunted dailies, mostly on veteran.

    All events are scheduled for CST.

    We are currently just over 50 members, and recruiting heavily. We do not have a trader at this time as we prefer to focus on the PVE-content and helping newer players out. However, a trader may be a possibility once the guild grows more.

    Let me know if you would like an invite.
  • pfuller
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, I'm a new player (playing for about 2 months) and currently CP138, I want to participate in dungeons and trials but so far I've only done normal ones and not all of them yet. I'd like to learn and participate in guild skyshard hunting, trials and dungeons, world bosses. @Pirsius do you acept new players? =)

    Edited by pfuller on July 27, 2017 9:24PM
  • Blairy087
    If your looking for a good guild I can invite you to Brotherhood Of Bogans. We are in the Oceanic timezone(GMT +10). We have 400+ members now from various parts of the world most Australia and New Zealand with a good amount of US players as well and we are steadily growing.
    We use Discord to Organise Trials and pvp events. Just ask Bhaal5, Myself or any of our officers for an invite code in game
    We do most content from Daily Pledges to Trials and have alot of experienced and helpful mature players.
    It doesn't matter how new or experienced you are, wether you play everyday or once a week. So if you want a guild that is Friendly, Helpful and Experienced look no further than Brotherhood Of Bogans.
  • NewFordOrder
    New Scrolls Order is a brand new guild. We're about a month old with 80+ members and growing daily. We have a discord where we regularly coordinate a variety of group events among other things. Nearly all U.S. players. If interested, msg me on my PSN at NewFordOrder.
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