[PC EU] Looking for vDSA group

Hi there. Two experienced players are looking for vDSA group :)

Due to work, I can’t say the group will be regular, but we do play almost every day mostly in the evenings (from 6 p.m. GMT to late night and sometimes from 9 p.m. GMT). Occasional morning/daytime/all day on weekends playtime also happens quite a lot lately.

We have a tank and a DD/healer, we’ve completed vDSA a couple of times and want to learn it better and practice. Both are 630+ CP but your CP doesn’t matter much, experience is very welcome though. We use discord for communication and will gladly establish a little server for our vDSA needs.

So long story short, looking for two players (DD and healer preferably) with some experience in the game to join an occasional late evening vDSA runs for practice and farming, when we get really good at it ;)

If you are interested, leave a comment or whisper/message me or my partner in game, @OneMoreDragon and @Migandas, and maybe we can run vDSA tomorrow already! (9 p.m. GMT or a tiny bit later)
PC EU @OneMoreDragon

Keel-Neesha - Argonian Dragonknight - tank
Asharlys - Orc Templar - tank
Naeryen Delenis - Altmer Templar - healer
Alessia Whitegold - Redguard Templar - stamina DD
Tyrael the Fallen - Redguard Dragonknight - stamina DD
Viana Rillian - Imperial Warden - bow/bow stamina DD
Kaelynn Darktale - Breton Sorcerer - magicka DD, vMA
Niannor Elsinthar - Altmer Dragonknight - magicka DD, vMA
Dante Grayfaere - Dunmer Nightblade - magicka DD

So long as the dragonfires shall burn, to you, and to all generations, I swear that my Hearts blood shall hold fast the Gates of Oblivion.
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