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Searching for a Guild for Dungeons/PVP

I'm new on the PS4 version of the game, so my highest character at the moment is CP 40ish and climbing rather quickly at the moment. However, I have 2 years of experience on the Xbox. Since coming to the PS4 I've made a much stronger attempt at group things, including dungeons and some PvP (Battlegrounds). In the last month I've tweaked skills and what not and am becoming more competent and self sustaining in combat than I ever have, and I seem to improve daily. Also always open to suggestions and aid in any way. I run a stamina warden and I've found a good balance of buffs and offense to be able to not die, do slight heals for all, and do some decent burst damage with a mix of warden and bow skills.

I'm looking to join a Guild that doesn't have insane dues requirements as I doubt I'll do much selling right now, just looking for people to group up with on dailies, dungeons, PvP of any sort, as sometimes pugs are a hassle. If anyone sees this and has or is part of such a Guild let me know.

Also, I'm 32 years old so you won't have immaturity from my end, if that's any concern. Thank you for your consideration.
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