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Better to run dungeons or quest in world

Whats more productive in leveling up dungeons over and over or doing world quests?

Best Answers

  • Autolycus
    I agree with Nestor for getting to level 50. I'd maybe point to the skill points you get from each version of every dungeon too, but still wait to do them. Dungeons themselves award very pathetic experience overall, at least as far as progression goes. However, dungeon achievements are the fast track to getting Undaunted passives, but you won't unlock Undaunted until level 45. So while the progression through dungeons is very slow, doing them is still ultimately worthwhile. It's worth noting that it can also be rather disappointing to get a gear drop from dungeons that you'd like to use, but it's at level (insert random <50) so it's worthless in the long run.

    Follow what Nestor says, then once you hit 50, find a decent group of people to just go through all of the dungeons together, starting with Normal difficulty. Then on vet dungeons, focus on getting the Slayer achievements primarily (which almost all take more than a single run). If you've got a good group, go for the No-Death and Speed challenges too. Sweeping the dungeons like this once you hit level 50 will not only progress your character, but will serve as a decent stepping stone into more difficult content too, easing you bit by bit through tougher stuff.
    Edited by Autolycus on June 30, 2017 10:40PM
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