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I should have listened!

Against my better judgement after reading the posts here i bought 15 crates. Waste. 6 Nix hounds. Problem isn't fixed. I pulled 2 dwarven appearance helmets and that's about all that was noteworthy. (mostly lethal poisons ) Won't be doing that again lol...
  • Caza99
    The only crate I ever opened was the one I got with Morrowind and it gave me a dwarven mount, a costume and hircines banner thing for my house. RNG OP
    PC NA - @Merœr , MagSorc Main
  • Delerium
    Haha nice.
  • Cadbury
    Caveat emptor
    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • Rohamad_Ali
    You earned an agree .
  • Dread_Guy
    "My name is Julius Decimus Heraclius, Guildmaster of the Scions of the Sun, Brigadier of the Covenant Army, loyal servant to the High King Emeric. Brother to a betrayed legion, son to a fallen empire. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." ---Julius Decimus Heraclius (Imperial Templar)
  • Morgha_Kul
    Schroedinger's crates.
    Exploring Tamriel since 1994.
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