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House of Phoenix is looking for a few new members NA EP (only if you want to have fun) NEED MIC!!!!

We are looking for a few more players to fill our ranks! We are a mostly EP guild NA, we run everything. Vet dungeons , normal dungeons and all pvp content. We have endgame players and beginners, so there is somthing for everybody. We like to help alot if your looking for gear, housing items, achievements etc...we will help you get these. If you need help with a pvp build or cant beat vmaelstrom we will help you get that sharpened maelstrom inferno staff. We have an ebonheart city guild trader most weeks and a guild bank to help. For the socially adept, we have a facebook page. House of phoenix is VERY VERY relaxed and VERY VERY FUN. We are a 18+ guild (sorry children) We also have about 5 or 6 women that are on everyday if you are a female and feel more comfortable playing with them instead of the boys. LOL Anyways if you want to have fun while playing eso and would like an invite to our guild leave your psn ID and One of the officers will send Invite.You also need a mic.
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  • emgriggs887
    Hey, my PSN is emgriggs887, just got back into ESO after about 7 months away and I'm looking for a good guild to join.
  • mack72685
    Soul Shriven
    Hello please send an invite my way. PSN mack72685
  • Wyndaz
    Soul Shriven
    Id like to join. Psn and character name is Wyndaz. Do you have many members active from 11pm-2am during the week?
  • Portent78
    Soul Shriven
    Hi mate, sounds like the perfect guild for me! Any chance I can join please? My psn is DrPortent.
  • davevito
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join :)

    PSN: Davevito0506
  • jwk3027
    Soul Shriven
    Just got the game a few weeks ago, and this guild sounds right up my alley! Casual gamer and relative newcomer to MMOs. I likely won't be able to be on consistently often, especially as it gets closer to the fall, but am having a great time exploring and pretending I know what I'm doing!

    If I sound like an okay fit, feel free to drop me a line. PSN: jwk3027

    Either way, happy adventuring!
  • devilfunk
    If you are still accepting new members I would love to join, sounds like the perfect guild for me! PSN devilfunk_
  • Vynn1
    Soul Shriven
    sounds fun, too bad I'm not on EP... GL guys you sound awesome
    Edited by Vynn1 on June 28, 2017 6:52AM
  • I_likeDINOS
    Soul Shriven
    Not sure if you guys are still accepting new members, but if you are I'd love to join! PSN I-likeDINOS
  • ffej1984
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join: ffej1984
  • UncannyLinderman
    My PSN is UncannyLinderman I'm experienced on the Xbox but recently made the switch to PlayStation. I've gotten a character now to CP 57 as of today and steadily climbing. I do a lot more PvP and dungeons than I ever did in Xbox already and I'm wanting to do a lot more, and having people to group up with more regularly would be a breath of fresh air instead of trying to use the group finder or zone chats for pugs.
    If wondering, I run a stamina warden dps, starting to prepare to hunt down appropriate gear to boost my stats a bit more when I hit 160, but so far even with my mis match sets I've managed to get through a few vet dungeons with pugs unscathed, so I'm pretty competent.
    If you think I would fit by all means invite, it'd be great to hit up more pledges and dungeons and maybe even have opportunity to do some other stuff I've never done like craglorn if you guys do that at all.
  • redpaxton
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there old player returning for a while. PSN Redpaxton got a 150 + wood elf night blade that needs a home. Thank you
  • bigspender42002
    i have added everybody above this post we will promote you to sellsword and you can join us in guild chat 1
  • Raulhnajera
    Can I join?

  • gorehound
    Soul Shriven
    inv pls psn: gorehound01
  • SCSpecter
    My PSN is SCSpecter. I used to play on xbox and just got a PS4 so I am looking for a new guild. If you still have room that would be cool.
  • Stonekiller
    Soul Shriven
    My PSN is Dark_Stonekiller

    I have played ESO about a year ago, but i got really busy. Due to my work schedule I don't have a set time when I can get on, mostly it is whenever I can. I am looking to join to for gameplay and character help.
  • bigspender42002
    Also we are a social guild come to guild chat and say hi every once and a while
  • bigspender42002
    Come check us out
  • Alasse88
    Soul Shriven
    I'm looking for a group to join. I'm super new to the game, just started a week ago so I am not an experienced player but I love the game so far! Alasse88 ~
  • DKott32
    Soul Shriven
    Would like to join. PSN: DKott32
  • minimachine26
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I would like to join, psn: minimachine26. Thanks!
  • Blizzardofoz
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I would be interested in joining I play 7 days a week, I am a new player lvl 34 but i'm learning fast. I'd also be more then glad to hop in and talk with you all and have a working mic, thanks! PSN: xBlizzardofozx
  • Gabalo
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to join.
    PSN: Gabalo03

  • LunaNouveau
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to join, PSN is LunaNouveau, still new at lvl 34 but I play almost every day and would like to join a guild with some other women.
  • bigspender42002
    guild is dead
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