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NB stamina weapon enchants

I'm using for pvp a maul/ bow with the enchant of weapon damage in both. Now im thinking maybe could be interesting change the bow and put the enchant of decrease health to do unresistable oblivion damage.

How do you see it? makes sense? maybe should i change it in both weapons?
  • teladoy
    No one can help me?
  • akray21
    I use oblivian damage on my 2H, and weapon damage on my bow.
  • Unfadingsilence
    Hmm not sure since I run a maelstrom 2h and master bow
  • Kram8ion
    Always put different enchants on weapons
    Edited by Kram8ion on June 27, 2017 12:56AM
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • leepalmer95
    Oblivion front bar

    Poisons back.
    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
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