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Velithar "Curly" Pevenix(Crime Fanfic Series)

Current Appearance

Cold, calculating and outright gruesome. The outlaw troublesome recalcitrant Velithar the Violent known amongst his Cyrodil associates and on local town bounty posters as "Curly" was a royal pain to the governing bodies of Imperial townships. Highway robberies, forgeries, embezzlement, black market trading, fencing anything wih dirt on it in Cyrodil could somehow be traced to this villain. When he crossed he wrong royal family in a botched arms deal gone wrong, everything changed. He was finally made after being slppery in justices grasp so long so he took refuge in off the coast Morrowind with a fence perpetrating as a supply captain for ballista munitions for a stationed Ebonheart Pact batallion in Davon's Watch.Wih no cause for war but with a cause for killing , Curly joined the Pact cradling a lethal outlet for his crave for blood. His mercilessness and prowess on the battlefield impressed his superiors and he was promoted to the rank of Scout Corporal, 2nd in charge for safeguarding potential ambushes from the Daggerfall or Nordic pirates alike. Never a soldier but a killer and a rascal, Velithar hired local bandits,disguised in uniform to transport illegal goods including skooma to Cyrodil in hopes to repay the hefty debt left to the Motierre family so that he could return home to his organization. It was coming along until a rat unsatisfied with his cut made the operation, informing his commanding officer. Already suspecting the big eyed bandit to rat, Curly trailed him to the Davons Watch barracks and gleefully slaughtered him as well as six guards, his officer and his officers cat. How he hated that facitious cat. Word spread like wildfire, and now he hones a more fitting allegiance at a sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood...
*To be continued
Leotheras the Blind,Kingmaker(8) lv 28 WW Bosmer Stam NB/Alpha Prime of Full Moon Heretics Guild(can bite) Kazi Cruelhunter, Master Thief(Legionary) lv 25 Vamp Dunmer Mag NB(almost can bite)
Achillon Crassus V, Duelist(8 Legionary) lv 30 Imperial Vers DK
Kilscar Dheght-I,Executioner Lv 9 Redguard Mag NB
Crixus Annorius, Hero of Wrothgar lv 16 Imperial Vers Templar
Carpe Diem Everyday
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Full Moon Heretics Werewolf and Vampire Guild is Recruiting! Our goal is to have a full werewolf/vampire guild and we are apart of the Aldmeri Dominion in Cyrodil and will have dungeon groups and a Guild Store once we have enough members. Go here for more info:

Current member count is only at 8. Will update every Starting Monday of a week.

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