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Show off your Imperial!

  • precambria
    Soul Shriven

    Hebah, Imperial necromancer
    Born: Mid Suns Dusk, aprox 2002 on a Cyrodil farm.
    Occupation, modelling to pay rent and buy wax, insatiable lust for battle creates a necessity for gold items as well as constant medical bills Hebah is a healer but sometimes stitches are needed.
    Hobbies include fishing and geology, hanging out with Kajjies. Loves tea, onesies and the colour purple.
    Dislikes, biting jabs spam, uncomfortable posing requests and anti necromancy laws.

  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    My three Imperials:

    1) Cassius Valerian, Magsorc.
    A smith-turned-soldier-turned battlemage scout who joined the Legion because he wanted to travel the continent.
    Young and a bit naive, he ended up on the Covenant side of the war when the anchors dropped close to the fort he was stationed at back then.
    Then he ran into a bunch of bloodfiends, and everything changed.
    Some days may be better than others, but there are days when he just can't keep his psychopathic streak in check. And whenever this happens, he prefers to be in his hometown Kvatch, posing as an Order paladin ... murdering other Order folks.

    2) Octavia Civello, StamDK.
    Octavia hails from IC, and despite this, she usually is as down-to-earth as they can get - both as a soldier and as a businesswoman. But she also knows how to behave properly, and when dealing with royalty, she dresses for the occasion.
    She works for the Covenant as well, but it's nothing personal. She sees herself as a mercenary now that IC fell and her unit was scattered all across the continent.

    3) Galen Atrox, Magplar.
    Galen - a rough, yet merciful Akatosh devotee - joined the Pact when everything fell apart. The dragon in their banner should not have been the reason for this, but, well... actually I'm not so sure this wasn't the reason ;).
    Protecting the good people of Tamriel against the Daedric invasion is his primary mission now.

    Actually I only recently thought about styling him a bit after the Hammerites from the Thiefverse, but I have yet to find some styles/motifs/costumes suited to that end.
    Loves housing and hoarding.
    PC EU
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