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This is either a BUG or a SCAM. You decide, ZOS.

  • Zhaedri
    I got my usual 1500 crown crate bundle. No extra cards. A repeat of the ugly item I got from my 'free' crate.

    The consumables are always a letdown for me; if I wanted that stuff I would buy it directly with crowns. Pure junk, even the XP stuff. And 3/4 cards are always this junk too.

    And I got a repeat of the ugly shower cap I got as part of my 'free' crate, and didn't even get many gems for it.

    So much potential with this season to fix problems with the crates, and all of it wasted in favor of making them worse. How insulting.
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  • CrusaderNINE
    Soul Shriven
    I must have also been lucky, I got repeats of a handful of things but not any one thing in an amount I'd consider an issue. Hope it gets sorted out.
  • Mephisto939
    6/15 Nixes here. Something is definitely nixed!
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  • Morgul667
    Let's hope they fix it
  • OlafdieWaldfee
    I got a 50% chance of Nixhound, too. But I also got lucky and none of these godawful Dwemer-mounts. Just Nixhounds, costumes, Nixhounds, a white Guar, Nixhounds, a Vvardvark, Nixhounds, the Draugr-motif, Nixhounds ... and enough duplicates to buy the hairdos I wanted and the striped wolf.
  • Caradawc
    There definitely seems to be something up this time around.

    I bought 45 crates first time, 30 last time and 45 this time and the drops this time were far worse than previous seasons.

    I wasn't as lucky as some previously, I only got 1 apex each season for example but this time I got none and the 5th card rewards were just superior in all but 1 case.

    I lost count of the number of nix hounds but statistically even on my small sample something seems off.

    It'll be interesting to see if we get a response from ZOS to this thread or if they just dismiss it as us all just being dealt a bad hand by the RNG gods. Personally I'd expect them to at least investigate it even if the answer in the end is that we were all just unlucky.

  • dmnqwkb16_ESO
    Hi there!

    I bought 61 crates yesterday (I had 400 points at the end of it and figured hey, why not 1 more!) and I agree, I did find a significant number of Nix Hounds. That doesn't mean I felt I got too many though.

    Out of the rewards I picked up:
    1 Apex Reward (Wolf)
    3 Legendary Rewards (Netch Calf, Gorne Wolf and the Guar)
    6 Epic Rewards
    ZERO Eyeshadows!!!

    Of my 5th card rewards a few were mundane but I do remember at least 1 of them offering me a Legendary, the Guar.
    After trading in everything I didn't want, like the poisons, I purchased an Apex Camel, every eyeshadow and felt very satisfied with my haul. This isn't to say buying 1 or 2 I wouldn't notice the prevalence of Nix Hounds, but the only time I pulled something twice was one of the armors, when I got a 5 card lot at the same time as it (the 5th card was not part of the duplicates).
  • PurpleRosa
    Rahotu wrote: »
    gamblers complaining about gambling not paying off that's a new one...

    To be fair if it was random at getting the ninxhound a lot with one person thats just bad rng, but multiple people saying they also getting ninxhound a lot something has to be up their.
    I myself only got 15 crates and got the ninx a few times one of the card draws I got 2. I did not count how many I got but it was at least over six.
    Still I did get the Ebon senche which I wanted, and with gems I had I got a hair style and elf hero outfit.

    I do agree though with most reply's here that something has to be up with the ninxhound rate in the crates.
    Edited by PurpleRosa on June 23, 2017 8:30AM
  • grizzledcroc
    Need something done about this
  • Wrecking_Gorilla
    Not buying anything, unless we get a response. Not worth the aggravation
  • Stopnaggin
    Really glad I didnt buy any Clown Crates today

    I bought a 15 pack as per my normal, skeptic side. Not even close to worth it. Only got 4 nix hounds but had way too many potions. One draw was a nix hound and 3 of the same potions. 8 mimic stone which I kept traded eveything else I could. Normally I would buy enough to get the mount I wanted with gems but the rewards are so low this time, and one mount locked in a crate, I don't think I'll be spending any more on crates. Gambling is fine but gambling against a stacked deck is a guaranteed failure.
  • JesQu
    I got only 2 from 19 crates.
  • Stopnaggin
    JesQu wrote: »
    I got only 2 from 19 crates.

    You are in the minority, at least the minorty that posts on the forums. But I'm glad someone had better luck then myself.
  • ProfesseurFreder
    Greenhorn Hesitant Crate Buyer Question: Don't the duplicate nix hounds give you gems?
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  • SydneyGrey
    Greenhorn Hesitant Crate Buyer Question: Don't the duplicate nix hounds give you gems?
    They give 5 gems
  • RoyalPink06
    Do you at least get gems back for duplicate nix hounds?
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  • Liam12548
    Yes the duplicate hounds give gems... 5 gems. The only pet in it's class, with UNUSUALLY high weighting, only gives 5 gems for duplicates.

    It's a textbook scam.
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  • lagrue
    15 out of 19 crates. Left a serious feeling of salt. Enough to ward off evil spirits for years to come.
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  • lagrue
    Do you at least get gems back for duplicate nix hounds?

    5 whole gems... so you know... you're lucky if you can buy one of the lowest tier items with them -_-
    PSN ID (NA only): Lagrue
    Main Characters: Champion 806:
    <Occula Moltenstar> (Fire/Healing Mage)
    <Iceveil Thornfist> (Ice/Nature Mage)
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  • Stewart1874
    Same. 6/15

    Kind of annoying since thats actual money I've spent...
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  • ShadowHvo
    Yeah, I got 18/30, its a pretty big kick to the crotch really.
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  • BlazingDynamo
    So glad I read this before buying any crowns to drop on the crates. Thanks everyone lol
  • Ir0nB34r
    20 crates, 1 nix hound. I am getting the feeling that its not universal and is just truly RNG. My brother got 15 crates, 2 nix hounds, but TWO Dwemer Camel mounts as well. So yeah, RNG all the way.

    You see, when you make a post on the internet about a situation you have been through, it naturally gains the attention of others who have also gone through the same thing. So you get a large group of people together all agreeing with each other, and it gives the impression that the issue is more prevalent than it is. While on the same token, people who are not experiencing this will likely say to themselves "glad I am not that guy" and then move on without commenting.
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  • slackergirl
    Soul Shriven
    I also got nix hounds in 7 out of 15 crates, and noted an unusually high proportion of low value items compared to previous crate seasons. In fairness, I did also get an apex mount, the dwemer guar.
  • DarknessShallFall
    I got the nix hound pet so many times I lost count. x.x I did get the exclusive hidden mount tho, the horse one.
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  • PC1728
    Only 1/15 here.
    Only thing of note otherwise is the pale velothi guar(don't care much for guar but now I have 3 or 4 of em starting to very slowly grow on me...), copperback dog, and the blue spore bug I liked. Ended up buying the ash hopper however, because I like the way it looks and bounces along.

    Already have enough gems to get an apex or something else, but I have meh feelings towards most of the stuff. So not sure if I want to bother.
    Edited by PC1728 on June 24, 2017 7:16AM
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