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Morrowind on 2 PS4

Soul Shriven
So we have 2 PS4 in our household and normally buy all games on 1 account so we can download and play them together on 2 accounts without having to purchase twice. I bought ESO + Morrowind on one account as usual and have downloaded the game to both the PS4s. We can now play standard ESO on both PS4's/accounts but the Morrowind expansion is only available on one of them. Is there a reason for this?
  • FlyLionel
    Morrowind works like all other DLCs from what I've seen. It only works on the primary account, you're playing the base game/game sharing but you cannot share additional DLC, that is per person.
    The Flyers
  • Alexaria
    Soul Shriven
    That used to be how Steam was, as I had two accounts on this PC. Then they began game sharing and that solved that issue. But I am not sure that is something the Sony or PS4 community would embrace and accept.

    I bought the retail version , the collector's edition of Morrowind and yet, Morrowind , itself, was a download. Not a disc. The disc sent was Tamriel unlimited (should have been GOLD" a large mistake and insult to us by Bethesda.

    So while Tamriel Unlimited can be shared- the Expansion is seen as DLC- and DLC , on the PS4, cannot be shared.

    I get your frustration. And that is unfortunate.

    It is also a shame I spent $99 on my game and I did not get more than what i did. As GOLD is priced only $10 more than Tamriel Unlinited
  • adepaul321b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Well it's still disappointing as DLCs on other games, e.g. SW Battlefront, has been shareable so we only had to buy it once....
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