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Ruin's Pass Arena [Public EU RP Arena]

Welcome to the Arena of Ruin's Pass!

Or so it may have sounded if this was an event, though I fear it isn't so just yet. To avoid myself dwindling into a fancy post with graphics here and youtube videos there (uups), I wish to show you all the little pet project I myself, and my good friend @Valdahlerion have been working on since the release of Earthtear Cavern in the Homestead Update.

This arena was built with one sole purpose in mind: To provide an immersive arena for roleplayers to partake in duels, be it either through -literal- duels, emotes or rolls, it matters not, for Ruin's Pass Arena is open and ready to be conquered by battle hardened warriors like yourself!..

Without jumping ahead into promises of glory, gold and booze, then I do have plans to create events involving this arena, and so too its current establishment which is a InCharacter Imperial faction renowned as the "The Hollowed Veil", spooky, yeah, I know.

In order to enter Ruin's Pass Arena, simply travel to the Primary Residence of @ShadowHvo, whom you undoubtly can find through various guildlists, friendlists or ignorelists.

The arena is free to be used by all who wishes to, however, we do hold absolute right to kick anyone we deem a troublemaker. The arena may also be occassionally closed off during events. But remember, due to the current player limit in manors and notable homes, only 24 people can be within this arena at once.

If you wish to hold your own controlled events within this arena, then fear not asking, I'm sure we can sort something out, for a modest fee.

BEHOLD, THE RUIN'S PASS ARENA IN ITS FU..- or just watch the video.
Nighren - The Shadow Striker
Leader of Bloodlines
-- EU --

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