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Battlegrounds Lobby / Arena Space

Anyone else find the experience a bit odd queuing for battlegrounds, where you try to do some other random activity while waiting for match, enter match, compete and then actively choose to exit the match and go back to the PVE area or wherever you were, queue again, wait again, etc.

Would be nice of course if you could enter a longer battlegrounds lobby queue mode, where you are queued again immediately after completing the previous match, or alternately be able to remain in Cyrodiil and participate in PVP while you are waiting for Battlegrounds queue to pop.

I suspect the game mechanics of battlegrounds system require that you exit the map instance completely in order to queue for a new instance. If so, might be even better if there were simply a sort of Battlegrounds lobby / arena environment where you could go and see all the other people queuing for battlegrounds, BG quests and vendors (maybe a second golden vendor with different items for sale), engage in duels or PVP combat while waiting for your queue.
  • Sovegreina
    Discussed this options with some guildies last night...we all agree ;) ...a lobby function would be a much better solution than the current one. Easy, simple and one gets a nice overview of all players and open/available groups to join.

    So many games utilize this, and it works great.
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