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Discovery Pack Code

Soul Shriven
I purchased a digital copy of ESO Morrowind on Best Buy's website days before the game came out. With my pre-order, I was promised a add-on code for the Discovery Pack. On June 6, when the game came out, I received 2 codes: one for the game itself, and one for the add-on Discovery Pack. After creating my account on, I entered the code and it didn't work. support told me they couldn't do anything and to contact Best Buy, which I did multiple times only for them to "re-issue" me a another code (which turned out to be the exact same one I had when I purchased the game). Then they told me to contact to solve the problem - so that's where I'm at now. Each entity telling me to go to the other one. It's a shameful disgrace of customer service by both parties. The only reason I finally caved and bought the game was for this digital add-on - anybody have any idea what I should do, or who I should contact? Thanks in advance!
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