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Stamina Nightblade (645+ CP) looking for a guild. [PC EU]

Hello Folks.

As the title states I'm a 645+ Stamina Nightblade main. I also have a Dragonknight Tank, Templar Tank / Heals Hybrid, Heavy Armoured Stamina Dragonknight (almost) DPs, Stamina Sorceror at 645 CP. Main will always be my Stamblade though.

I've been guild leader and raid leader successfully in EverQuest, EverQuest 2, World of Warcraft and Star Wars The Old Republic and have raided end game in all of the above as well as Wildstar.

I've avoided most of the group content so far in ESO but I'm at the point where I would like to experience end-game, but in a more casual manner than previous titles.

I'm looking for an organised guild but not hardcore, willing to put in the effort to help it grow and learn. I've always been considered very competent so the lack of experience to date with ESO group content should not be considered a barrier. I'm also a 9 traits crafter with many motif collections.

I'm a mature gamer (read ancient, but I still have my own hair and teeth), happy to participate but not the biggest fan of voice coms - I'll use it for group content, but not one for just chewing the fat with headset on all evening. I play most days if there's enough to keep me interested.

You can message me in game @Ethyarion or PM me via the forum.

All the best

[AD] Tariel Lithaldoren 1000+ cp Stamina Nightblade
[AD] Ethyarion Lithaldoren 1000+ cp Templar Healtank
[AD] Keridwen Drachenfels 1000+ cp Stamina DK Tank
[AD] Kerridwen Drachenfels 1000+ cp Stamina DK
[AD] Drachenfels Wyndrunner 1000+ cp Stamina Warden
[AD] Drachenfels Shadowstrike 1000+ cp Stamina Sorceror
[DC] Ethyarion 1000+cp Magika Nightblade
[EP] Abbra Cadaver 1000+cp Magika Necromancer

PC EU Server
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