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This is the official discussion thread for The Elder Scrolls Online @ E3 Highlights! blog article.

We were thrilled to once again take The Elder Scrolls Online to E3. Check out some of our highlights from the week-long event!
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  • James-Wayne
    I feel E3 this year with The Elder Scrolls Online and the entire Bethesda showcase as a whole was MASSIVE let down this year!

    I'm based in Perth, Australia and E3 is the only event every year where I see featured in our news, game stores, media outlets etc so it may not been a big deal in the States but the coverage here is huge and because of this I was expecting so much more.

    Instead of an show reel of trailers I was actually expecting a proper announcement where Pete or Matt would be out on stage to announce this really cool DLC/Chapter we have been working on.... crowd cheers! Look it was great to see 10 million players have bought the game up from the announcement last year but it could have been so much more better. Come out announce we are doing crossplay between PC and Xbox... BOOM massive statement!

    Instead we get a few seconds of footage announcing the next DLC, I just don't believe that does it justice and the fact it's played down like that it's not that big of a deal I think is the wrong way of promoting. You want gamers to get excited, you want people talking about this content, the buzz is a huge thing for the community. I know you are talking about soon but you talk about the next direct DLC 6-8 weeks out and then afterwards nothing move on to the next release, having a 6 month chat this new content/system is coming.... you know what....

    I won't go on there is literally heaps I could say but I'm sure the rest of the community can voice their own opinion but I just hope next year you bring more to the party.

    Back to the painful grind of sets for me!

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  • maboleth
    Morrowind has just been released, yet people are already waiting/complaining about the new NEW content. For an Earth's sake...

    This is insane. It's like everyone is rushing for something newer, better, greater, whatever. And when it reaches PTS, we want something NEWER that that. Never mind we probably saw 40-50% of the game's content, new is new.
    The more I think, the more I see, this is NOT about the content. It's about anything new. Anything new is old on a day of its release. So newest new now please.
  • AdamBourke
    maboleth wrote: »
    Morrowind has just been released, yet people are already waiting/complaining about the new NEW content. For an Earth's sake...

    You might be right - but E3 is generally considered to be the event where new things are announced, where we get the latest news from our favourite game studios - Especially with Bethesda holding a Press Conference, I think people were expecting something more than a trailer for a game that was already out.

    In addition, the Morrowind chapter was announced before the housing update was even out for consoles - so it is no surprise that people were expecting to hear more. For an MMO, longevity is important, and part of that is looking forward to the future of the game.

    I agree with @James-Wayne, For ESO - E3 was a big disappointment.
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    Please put the Eyevea/EarthForge wayshrines back on the map?
  • Caseyladner
    I do not need anything new right now since I just bought the game and all the DLC and it will take me awhile to catch up. I will say that I hope they are developing more regions of the map. I look forward to a day when the entire map is complete.
  • Xael
    Did speez demonstrate how a bow is supposed to work? ;)

    Edited by Xael on June 20, 2017 7:46PM
    I got killed in pvp, nerf everything...
  • Legoless
    Any sign of that Matt Firor & Rich Lambert footage that was mentioned on Twitter?
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