Looking for DC PVP and other grp xbox NA server

I am looking for people to join our small group of DC pvpers. We play on xbox NA server most nights from 8-1130ish pm EST. We are pretty good but not elitist. We also do dungeons or help each other grind armor or levels. We all have top tier tanks, healers and dps. We have characters in each faction but have converted to only pvping with DC characters.

We are looking for mature/relaxed people with 0 time for drama. It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or a seasoned vet as long as you want to learn or will fight as a cohesive grp.

We do have guilds but noticed guilds bring drama, undo pressure to join guild activities and in general are chaotic in chat. We want this to be a group which sends group/party invites to each other as soon as they see each other log on.

So if you are a lone wolf or just want a consistent group to play with send me a message my GT is killino dragos
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