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Spellscar texture/geometry corruption in thunder area

Recently I got bored by questing (got to 220cp by questing only, missing 2 zones for Cadwell's Gold, so yeah, it WAS slow), so I went to Craglorn/Spellscar to grind a little. Imagine my surprise, when I've seen this:

At first it starts with some lightning lines (that are usually on the ground) going crazy and shooting all over the screen, then randomly some texture/geometry artifacts pop in. Then, after 15 minutes or so, it starts to do the above.

I would normally call it hardware failure, looks kinda like a way too much overclocked gpu ^^, but it happens ONLY in ESO and ONLY in this area. Even other areas of Spellscar are fine (over one hour in fire area and nothing). The problem only occurs when I get too close to the thunder area (enough to see the sky color changing - then the issues start to occur.

Is any one else getting any issues there? I've seen one or two reports of similar issues on the net, but these people might also have faulty hardware.

Found a dozen of other people that are getting all kind of glitches there since Morrowind. Rarely that drastic, but they might've not been there long enough.
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  • Foiter
    It's 100% the storm section of spellscar. If you even so much as glance in that direction all hell breaks loose.
    It starts out like you said for me, electrical streaks across my screen regardless of what section i'm in, and then the central spire just sort of explodes into a mess of geometry. once that happens my resource bars as well as certain parts of my inventory become corrupted and glitched out like an old n64 save and the only way to fix it is to re-log/reset UI outside of the area in question. It's very bizarre
  • tommalmm
    Actually, it's independent of the system, it seems. I went there to level up my vamp on PC yesterday, and I had exact same issues. Didn't notice it earlier, as I've been at CP cap for months, so there was no reason to. On PC it additionally makes the fps drop to some really low numbers (like 10-12fps) after a while.
  • lagrue
    Craglorn is messed right up on PS4 -as well, for almost half the zone surrounding the spellscar, there is a lightning like textures that flickers on and off the screen - and covers the WHOLE screen.

    For us on PS4 though it's not just the storm section - if you go inside the Mage's Staff it happens there as well.

    Craglorn got dumped on with Morrowind.
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  • tommalmm
    The 3.0.9 patch has fixed it on PC, so I guess it will be fixed on PS4 tomorrow as well.
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