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The Real Rising Stars are recruiting!

Hello there and thank you for your potential interest in joining our circle of friends.
Let me tell you a bit about The Real Rising Stars. We are a group of friends who did organized pve content in World of Warcraft. Sadly most of us stopped playing the game which left us little reason to keep spending time in the end game of World of Warcraft. We were looking for a new challenge, a new commitment and so we arrived in Tamriel.

our goals
Every group needs a goal, and we are no different. We want to create a social environment of potential new friends who will help each other out. A place you want to return to after a hard day of work. In time when we will get more organized, we will most certainly attend weekly structured raids for the select people that want to do so. Keep in mind that our guild will still be open to everyone on a social level.

As we will accept anyone from anywhere we will still have to hold to a timezone, therefore we will tend to the majority which as this moment is UK time.

Future raid times
Organized content will be on thursdays and sundays 20:00 UK time.

How do i join?
Leave a reply here, or hit me up on PSN. Contact LorenzoEDGE.

We are a fresh guild so the member count is minimal at the moment. But no fear, we are serious people with a serious dedication to maintaining our community. So failing is not part of our dictionary.

Hopefully see you soon as part of our circle of friends and become a real rising star.
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DC - Dunmer - Magicka Templar - Healer.
EP - Bosmer - Stamina Warden - DPS
  • LorenzoSober
    Initial post corrected.
    DC - Dunmer - Magicka Templar - Healer.
    EP - Bosmer - Stamina Warden - DPS
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