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So ive been playing the game since it came out on ps4. Now we are stuck woth 2 options. Play non cp wich are all dead so its not really pvp or play a cp campaign and lag like ***. The time has come to stop playing
  • Emothic
    I agree. If the developers continue to push for more non-cp play, then they are going to lose the core of their PvP population. All for the sake of laziness so they don't have to spend the time and effort to try and balance PvE and PvP seperatly.
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  • Master_Kas
    Yes this really sucks. Thanks to there only being one CP camp I can't really play (or enjoy) my main character which is on AD because AD usually has the highest population and destroy the map every morning.

    So I have 2 choices; play alts on other factions or not play at all.

    Atleast if there was one more cp campaign I could go there with my main. No cp is not an option for me.

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