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Tianlein`s Guide Collection - For beginner and veteran Adventurers -

Hello everyone:)
My name is Tianlein and I am creating various Video Guides for ESO. Some are more interesting for new Players but I hope that I have also some topics for everyone :smile:
One big project is my Armor & Weapon Showcase Series which I already covered in an extra Forum Post but in case you are looking for that you can find it here

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact me :smile:

PS. I am not really activate on the ESO Forum. But i still stream everyday on Twitch (Channel: Tianlein) + create ESO Guides on Youtube (Channel: Tianlein). Also i publish now written guides on my Website:

Helpful Guides for new Adventurers in Tamriel:

Guides about various Topics:


If you are more interested in Housing you can find here more Videos :wink:
You can find them here
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