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ESO Style and Motif Showcase Collection by Tianlein

Hello everyone:)
My name is Tianlein and I created some guides for ESO. Also, I have an Armor & Weapon Showcase Series where I show the craftable Styles for male and female Characters and also explain how and where you can obtain the Motif Chapters. Since there are soooo many Styles I have to work a bit more to cover all and I will edit this post when I release a new Video.
I hope this will help you to find the Style you like for your new Gear :smile:
Here you can find my Armor & Weapon Showcase Playlist:

Anequina Style

Honor Guard Style

Sai Sahan Outfit Style

Abnur Tharn Outfit Style

Lyris Titanborn Outfit Style

Prophet Outfit Style

Cadwell's Weapons

Huntsman Style

Elder Argonian Style

Silver Dawn Style

Bloodspawn Style

Swarm Mother Style

Dead-Water Style

Gladiator Costume, Helm and Emote

Grothdarr Style

Battleground Styles - Fire Drakes, Pit Demons, Storm Lords Outfit Styles

Troll King Style

Welkynar Style:

Dremora Style:

Iceheart Undaunted Style

Tsaesci Style

Pyandonean Style / Maomer Style

Psijic Style

Molag Kena Undaunted Style

Ilambris Undaunted Style

Shadowrend Undaunted Style

Worm Cult Style

Prisoner's Rags Outfit Style

Dwemer Style

Dragon Bones DLC - Set Overview

Mercenary Style

Abah's Watch Style

Imperial Style

Soul Shriven Style

Thieves Guild Style:

Bloodforge Style:

Dreadhorn Style:

Apostle Style:

Ebonshadow Style:

Clockwork City Gear Overview

Telvanni Style

Redoran Style

Hlaalu Style:

Horns of the Reach - Bloodroot Forge Dungeon

Horns of the Reach - Falkreath Hold Dungeon

Akaviri Style

Daggerfall Covenant Style:

Ebonheart Pact Style

Aldmeri Dominion Style:

Xivkyn Style:

Overview of all Morrowind Sets:

Ashlander Style:

Militant Ordinator Style:

Buoyant Armiger Style:

Morag Tong Style:

Assassins Leage Style

Dark Brotherhood Style:

Glass Style:

Outlaw Style:

Yokudan Style

Ebony Style:

Mazzatun Style

Silken Ring Style

Ra Gada Style

Order of the Hour Style

Dro-M`athra Style

Minotaur Style

Celestial Style

Ancient Orc Style

Malacath Style

Trinimac Style

Draugr Style

Skinchanger Style

Stalhrim Frostcaster Style

Grim Harlequin Style

Hollowjack Style
Edited by Tianlein on May 13, 2019 8:43AM
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