Official Discussion Thread for "ESO: Morrowind – Community Content Highlights"

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This is the official discussion thread for the ESO: Morrowind – Community Content Highlights blog article.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is live, and our community content creators have been hard at work producing a host of fun and informative content for players new and old. Check out some of the content the ESO community has created!
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  • MissBizz
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    Awww, thanks for putting this together! I'm sure everyone featured feels the same way as me. Very thankful and glad you take the time to highlight some of your community content creators. This was a pleasant surprise :)
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  • casparian
    I get that y'all want to recognize Woeler (and he deserves it), but it's pretty low to link his tank build that you nerfed a few days ago.
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