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Just asking, do you make yourself in any elder scrolls game?

  • Turelus
    Nope. I normally make a Dunmer character which I have always done head roleplay/cannon as being descendent of the same family.
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  • adriant1978
    There is probably something of me in most of my characters, but none of them are outright based on me or intended to be me.

    I play RPGs for escapism.
  • Ghanima_Atreides
    No. I find it more interesting to create different people and get inside their heads than try to recreate myself...although many of them do have something in common with me.
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  • Neyane
    Nope I don't. I much prefer having a character that doesn't look like anyone so its all up to my imagination. I love living in my own fantasy world with these characters, I guess at the very least, I don't make them look like me, but I do picture myself as certain ones when making decisions and roleplaying in general.
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  • Berret
    Yup, and he's my crafter who slaves away crafting stuff for my actual characters.
  • Nestor
    I tried to make me in this game and could not get it quite right. In previous games like Skyrim and Oblivion I could. The facegen in this game is not as granular as previous games.

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  • Cynistrelle
    I always make myself in a rpg game otherwise i can't enjoy it :*
    I always make myself in a rpg game otherwise i can't enjoy it :*

    I tend to agree, though, if I have an rpg on two different consoles, I will make myself on one game, and make someone totally different on the other. When I am bored, I sometimes make an ugly, or generally insane looking character to just play around with.
  • Wanderer_Snorri
    Soul Shriven
    As a Nordic fellow I found it quite easy to make a similar looking and stylized Nord character as I am in real life. Especially after I found the Pact Veteran's Battle Crest hairstyle from the Crown Store..! I've actually had that hairstyle for over a year now in rl so it was a nice surprise to see that in-game. Combined with the Boar's Nest beard my character looks very much like myself, though of course the actual facial and body detail is near impossible to make very accurate.
    Also, I play my Warden as I try to live my own life. I love spending time in the woods when I manage to get the time away from the rat race of work and the usual boredom of everyday life. It's just very easy for me to relate to the Nord way of life in almost every aspect.
    But as this isn't exactly the thread for that kind of story, suffice to say the answer to the original question is: Yes, I more or less play a version of myself in ESO. :smile:
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  • solvaring
    It's pretty hard for me to do so.

    I'm half Mexican, so that's how I look for the most part (although I can pass off as some kind of Arab-speaking person if I grow out a beard, but not Redguard). Not really a Mexican-looking race. It's to be expected, the games are modeled closely to Europe.

    For the human races:
    Bretons: Celtic, English, and French people (anybody from Brittany in France?)
    Nord: Germanic peoples (specifically Scandinavian)
    Imperial: Italian people
    Redguards: Maghrebi

    Nothing that looks like me XD. It's fine though, I'd much rather play as an elf.

    My mom is from Ecuador and her dad was part Italian from somewhere back in his family, my father is a mix of European races so I'm basically half Hispanic and half Caucasian and I look exactly like a short elf!!! I'm 5'7.75" have long flowing brown hair and big elf ears!
    - Solvaring Encelembras
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