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Phoenix set

Just happened to try it out for the hell out it. Is it suppose to not work in bgs. Or is it a bug
  • SPE825
    Interested to hear more about this one. I've never used the set, but it might be funny in BGs if it does work.
  • Morvane
    its work I really saw it working on bg as intended
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    @morvayn54, PC/EU
  • Maole1989
    I hardly ever see this set in general but I did see someone with it in BG recently. Unfortunately, as the lone survivor of his group he got X'd on as soon as he rose from the ashes. Cool animation but that 10min cool down is a killer.
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    Maole_1989 - PS4 NA EP
  • Anethum
    People names this set double-kill, because after u turned back from statue atacker will kill u again in a seconds:)
    @Anethum from .ua
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