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I can't believe they just rewrote the CP campaign?. C'mon, ZOS, did you not think to get feedback on this?

I liked my campaign. I've played it for two years. I know "Vivec" is the same, but the heritage names were kinda like a brand.

But the CPs...AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. On PS4, the feedback is clear: WE HATE YOUR STUPID NON-CP CAMPAIGNS. (@ZOS_GinaBruno) It was universally despised. People didn't even like farming achievements in there. I took people sky shard hunting there...we could see one human a day in there. It stunk. WE HATE THE NON CP CAMPAIGNS...GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS, PS4 pvpers said no to your non-cp pvp idea. It's a hard no.

Offer it as an option...fine. The problem is...I was already waiting in queue for 45 minutes when I get home for work to get into my campaign Now how long is the wait going to be because you shut down all the other CP campaigns? How bad is the lag going to be with this one campaign stuffed 24/7?

Yes, I know...battlegrounds will suck away some players. But I can't imagine that it's enough so that collapsing four healthy campaigns into one is going to work.
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  • Krayzie
    uhhhhhhhhhh ok
    I'm a PVE roleplayer concerned about my vampires stage 4 skin tone and keep getting load screens so I came here to distract people from major issues with a rant thread about my characters cosmetic appearance.
  • Drakkdjinn
    Nobody played CP haderus to actually PvP when it existed, just to PvDoor keeps emp trade and faceroll IC. So for all intents and purposes there are the same number of actual CP campaigns this patch as there were in the last. Dunno what you're so upset about.
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  • Rowjoh
    I posted this in another but similar topic and it's relevant here:

    It's a shame that there's no alternative cp campaign to Vivec.

    The real issue is that Aldmeri is dominant in the extreme during the day and I see many players turning away from PVP because of it.

    It must be boring and pointless for yellows as well as there's very little for them to do until prime time kicks in when ironically they end up losing most of the map.

    When we had Haderus it wasn't great for periods but it had more ebb and flow than we have in Vivec!. And it was a more stable environment for those experiencing lag, long loading screens and crashes.

    Last but not not least the lack of an alternative cp campaign is breaking up some good PVP guilds as most don't allow other alliance toons to play on the same home campaign, so they have to leave.

    This clearly isn't good for PVP and the case for a viable alternative is compelling.
  • davey1107

    (I was all pissy in my OP because we were all up until 3 am waiting for Morrowind, lol)

    I've often tried to think of ways to offset the daily traffic fluctuations in pvp. The thirty day campaigns can usually be won if a faction can muster a decent night crew, as well as a minor force to hold keeps during the day. It's been that way since the beginning.

    It's not an easy problem to solve because pvp needs to be 24/7, but the fact that overnight or afternoon points can always win a campaign is problematic. I've played long enough to observe that for the most part, if someone can form a guild and get 20ish players in pvp at either 2 am or 10 am, they can control enough of the map during point counts to win the campaign.

    Thus far my best idea would be to weight the point values based on server capacity. Like maybe a keep is worth 1 point during off hours when population is in the lowest tier, then worth up to 4 points when the campaign is full. This wouldmoffer more value to wars waged during busy times...but pvpers are a lazy lot, and I'm sure there's some fatal flaw to this idea I haven't thought of, lol.
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  • Malibulove
    Only part of any of the OP I agree with is how hard resetting the campaigns kind of ruined their equilibrium for a cycle.

    Haderus and Azura's were already susceptible to population imbalances and Trueflame was already overpopulated; all the reset did was immediately turn Almalexia into an even bigger Emp farm, and kind of put all three campaigns into a flux because Guilds were forced to re-home immediately before they got a chance to even know how the expansion was going to impact things.

    Imo they should of let the old campaigns run out naturally in the middle of early access, to gives players time to see how population was trending before forcing everybody to re-home.
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  • Turelus
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    Wait... there was a campaign that was actually 2 years old? I thought we killed and renamed them every year?
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