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[PC/EU] Lost Heaven Polish Social PVE/PVP Guild is recruiting

Lost Heaven

About Us
We started from the very beggining. Since the first days of ESO, under the other name, as a small community guild. However, with passing of time our ranks and range of activitys significantly increased. Through all these Updates, despite change of members, ideas and visions, LostHeaven rapidly evolved, to become what it is now. The Group of friends which play this game with diffrent ways, starting from classical PVE, through questing, Role-PLay and at PVP ending, but with the same goal, to have FUN.

What we offer
  • Full help and support
  • Guild House fully equipped
  • Site where you can find all important informations in Polish language
  • Facebook community
  • 50+ members online
  • Daily dungeons
  • Weekly trials
  • Advanced PVP
  • Advanced lore help
  • Team Speak 3 for voice communication
  • Discord for text communication
What we expect
  • Be nice and helpful
  • 18 years old
  • Polish language
  • Participate in guild life
How to join
Write in game to:
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  • Malpeczka
    Guild still looking for new players!
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