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Alchemy Wizards - Discover the Magic of Trading!

Soul Shriven
We are newly formed trading/social guild with Trader in Bangkorai. We want to create conditions, so you can not only make a lot of gold, but also enjoy your stay here :)

We look both for novice and experienced traders. Friendly and helpful community, trading events, selling contests and raffles are waiting for you!

At the moment our goal is to grow and to have a trader as often as we can. Then we want to find nice place for a trader, to hold it permanently and to become financialy secure.

Now our rules are simple:
- Be polite, friendly and respect each other;
- Be active trader, list items for sale within 3 days and make sales within a week.

For invite post your @id in this thread or whisper @digniti (or @elchorto) in game. Let's discover the Magic of Trading together! :-)
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