Starting Casual/Helper Guild for new players

HI gang,

I've been playing this game since beta. Most of my friends have moved on to other games or RL. Many people have also had issues with the Dungeon Finder or other players using that tool.

What I propose is finding other folks like me who enjoy the game but are unsure of grouping or have had negative experiences but still love the game. So essentially the "lurkers" of the game. The idea would then be to provide a judgement free group of people who can learn dungeons or PVP. We'd wipe, we'd fail, probably get teabagged in PVP, but we wouldn't stress. We'd learn and get better.

I realize that this would probably be a "feeder" for other guilds and that's actually a good thing. I'm hoping the guild would fill the initial social, training or equipment gap that exists for some players. Feel free to recruit players to your own guild after getting to know them.

As of now this is simply me an Idea. So anyone who is willing to patiently help other players learn the game, meet people, and help them gain equipment contact me.


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