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Help me tweak my build to make it work!

Soul Shriven
So I've been working (mainly theorycrafting) on a build while leveling up, that I finally was able to put together and try now that I've recently reached CP 160.
My goal with the build is to do very good in PvP, while also being able to tank normal dungeons from time to time, and maybe complete The Maelstrom Arena (no high score needed, just complete it). So basically I need to be tanky, while still having SOME damage, and alot of self sustain.

In all games I like being the tank/support, because the role of a dps doesn't fit me. I have no interest in high damage numbers etc, I love being able to survive when *** gets real, and I love being able to control the fight with all forms of utility like CC, mobility & debuffs etc. Altough I still want to be able to put SOME pressure on my opponent (say in a 1v1 situation).

I don't like copying others builds, and I don't like going by the "meta". I wan't to come up with something of my own, and play the way I think is fun. But now I need some help, since my build isn't working like I thought it would.

My build is a Stamina DK, with heavy focus on keeping my resources up with alot of regen, so that I can keep spamming my shield, heals, buffs & cc. And when I get the opportunity I charge in with some burst damage.
This build has worked awesome so far for tanking normals, but in PvP I can't survive if I get attacked by more than 2 people. And I can't kill anyone alone, since my damage is too low.

Is this simply a crap idea? Or is there anything I can do to make it work?

Here's the build:


DK Vampire

5 medium Willow's Path. Health enchants on all. Infused on big pieces & divines on small pieces.
2 light Blood Spawn. Stamina enchants on both.

Reason I'm not using heavy is for the regen, also medium gives me damage and light gives spell resist. Both my spell & physical resists are around 30%.

Front bar, 1H Leki's sword with defending. And Leki's shield with Reinforced.
Back bar, 2H Leki's with Sharpened.

3x Endurance.

40 Health, 20 stamina, 4 magicka.

Munus Stone:
The Serpent.

Won't go into detail, but mainly focused on improving my regens, shields, selfheals, resistances & weapon/poison damage.

Skills: (while in PvP)
Front bar: Heroic Slash, Immovable, Igneous Shield, Resolving Vigor, Green Dragonblood. Corrosive Armor.
Back bar: Stampede, Dizzying Swing, Executioner, Venomous Claw, Rally. Take Flight.

So like I mentioned, the idea of the build is to be able to spam things. So basically I can always keep Dragonblood, Rally & Immovable up at all times, and spam Igneous and Rally while being attacked. And still have enough stamina to roll, break free and do some burst damage with my back bar.
But it's not working as planned... I get rekt, and rek nothing.

Please help!
Edited by CaaptN on May 31, 2017 10:12PM
  • Turelus
    Whilst I am not the greatest on picking apart individual builds I would say take a look at AlcastHQ and Tamriel Foundary if you haven't already as both sites have end game builds for all you want to do and might help shed some light on any issues.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
    "Don't count on others for help. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves."
  • Fyaal
    I'm trying to piece this all together in my head to figure out how this build would work. Your 2H bar seems solid, as does the SB bar, but you have to ditch green dragon blood. I know it gives some more stam regen, but the heal from it is absolute garbage. Go for the other morph.

    Otherwise, what I don't see is any CCs besides dizzying swing, which is easily dodgeable or sidestepped.

    Personally I would ditch a few of the health enchants and go for more stam, as well as put impen on small pieces for pvp.

    Might want to consider going 5-1-1 instead of 5-2 for the extra stats.

    Based on your playstyle though, not sure I have much to offer you.
    Fyaal - EP Stam DK Grand Overlord
    Nexus Haxus
  • CaaptN
    Soul Shriven
    I found this build and really liked it, so I'll probably take inspiration from it and do something similar.

    But I want to swap out the heavy Black Rose for some crafted medium set, any ideas on a set that would work?
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