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Colosseum Dueling (and soon BGs!) Guild - PC EU - All Factions

Hey hey!

If you'd like to join the biggest pvp dueling community on PC EU (soon to be focused more on BGs too!), shoot me a mail in-game @LegendaryMage (or reply here with your @name) and I will add you. :)

We are pretty much one of the biggest pvp communities on PC EU and always open for new members. There is a discord server, a guild mansion with crafting stations and target skeleton (I'll be adding the raid one soon too) and some other cool stuff. Duels are organized on a daily basis for years now and we plan to expand into the battlegrounds area once it's all polished and more functional.

There are no requirements in terms of your level and experience, everyone is welcome to join and have fun. The guild numbers anywhere between 400 and 500 active players at any given time so you're guaranteed to make a lot of new friends and have tons of fun talking and playing with all the other players. :)

I'll keep this short so I won't bore you much with the details, if you got any questions just let me know here and I'll try and answer everything. Have a good day!

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