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[PC-EU] The Adventurer's League

Lithium Flower
Lithium Flower
PC - EU,
Ebonheart Pact (PvP)
Social, PvP, PvE, Trade
(450+ members)

The Adventurer's League is one of the oldest social guilds on PC - EU and we've been having a great time together since early access 2014.

We have a full event calendar split between PvP and PvE and welcome players from all factions who like to chat, socialise, play together and help each other out. Newbies and vets are welcome alike!

We've got an active Discord as a hub for staying connected outside the game.

If we sound like a guild for you, msg me with your eso username here or ingame @LithiumFlower and join the party!
Dragonknight Smith of the Lith | Rayna Dreloth
Templar Josephine Belmont | Catherine Belmont | Irene Belmont
Sorceror Blathanna | Eta Carina
Nightblade Adda Vorenor

Ebonheart Pact | Daggerfall Covenant | EU | Champion Points ~ 800 | Crafter of all things
  • Hridhbjarn
    Hello, is the guild still running? Trying to get in touch after my over a year break :)
  • Bam_Bam
    Hridhbjarn wrote: »
    Hello, is the guild still running? Trying to get in touch after my over a year break :)

    Sorry to necro thread - but there are people in game asking me if these guys are still going? @Paulington - you still out there mate? :)
    Joined January 2014
    Trials&Errors/Inside Trade
    EP - PC EU - PvE & BGs & PvP (Vivec)
    Grand Master Crafter

    My Twitch Channel
    Bara Flame of the Pact
    Bara Elf-Eater
    Sly Claw

  • Whitebeerd
    hey joined once, would like to join agein =) took a break from games

    Userid @Skyperr
    Edited by Whitebeerd on January 17, 2018 11:07AM
    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.
  • ravenwendigo
    Soul Shriven
    Edited by ravenwendigo on August 29, 2018 8:02PM
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