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Changes to the Daedric Summoning Line

I decided to start a summoning sorc (probably my 20th) and noticed some odd things concerning summons. I use the Unstable Clannfear as a combined tank and distraction as it does very low damage. I was in a few battles and everything seemed normal until after battle I accidentally moused over the Clannfear and noticed it only had about 1/2 health. I waited 5 seconds then saw the same health total. No regeneration in or out of combat. Now I wonder if the Winged Twilight has the same problem.

I did notice the following from the 3.05 patch notes:

" Summon Twilight Matriarch (Summon Winged Twilight morph): Fixed an issue where this morph’s heal ability could heal through walls.
Summon Volatile Familiar (Summon Unstable Familiar morph): Reduced the damage done by this morphs’ special ability by 20%."

Nowhere else in the notes did I see stopping health regeneration for summoned pets.

Am I correct or did I miss something somewhere.

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