Need some lore from Varen's Rebellion

@ZOS_GinaBruno So was wondering if the almighty lore master still reads the forums. It'd be super helpful if he could pop in to shed some light or even in a message regarding the rebellion. Been getting a bit inspired to finally right the backstory to my main character and I've very faintly been mentioning that he took part in the rebellion. All I've been able to find is from an unoffical wiki.

2E 576 - 2E 577
"After Emperor Leovic of the Longhouse Emperors legalized Daedra worship throughout the Empire of Cyrodiil, Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol marshaled the military forces of the Colovian Estates to depose him, triggering a widespread rebellion in 2E 576. Varen based his rebellion out of Bruma, where he coordinated his troops as they liberated Cyrodiil's other cities to further weaken Leovic's control. The rebellion claimed victory in 2E 577, when Varen's forces stormed the Imperial City and confronted Leovic's last legion in a bloody battle that razed the city's Market District. Varen personally dispatched Leovic at the foot of the Ruby Throne before proclaiming himself emperor."

If what's above is accurate then it's a great bit to have, I had written that my character eventually settled into Bruma after the rebellion and took a fort officer role until the Soulburst. Not in need to know every single detail but I would just like to know where I could find any lore that could help me write a story about an imperial that lived in Imperial City, and when word of daedric worshiping became legal it would compel him to join the rebellion and take part in the battles that lead up to the last confrontation in the city.

Thanks for anyone that took the time to read it, appreciate any insight you might have.
  • ShedsHisTail
    One of the things I love about ES Lore is that there are big events which are written about jus vaguely enough that you can easily insert your character into the world.

    If you're looking for additional information on the Colovian Revolt headed by Varen Aquilarios, what I would do is check out the various wikis available online and start looking into the histories of the more tangential aspects. The lives of the various companions, the histories of the cities involved, or the events which spurred it on (ie: the legalization of Daedra worship) the etc. Dig into those and look for little details.

    In my experience, I've found that there's a -lot- of information hiding in more indirect searches, and you might find interesting ways to integrate your character, motivations for joining the rebellion, people he/she might have known, or maybe even a cool sub-plot to insert yourself into.

    Maybe even determine how you died in order to more seamlessly blend into the ESO main story. :)
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  • Ultionis
    For sure will defiantly look into any lore from an indirect search, certainly an elder scroll fashion when other lore and character mentions other bits and pieces since an event may effect another.

    Not worried about how he dies, I'm not writing him from the perspective of the Vestige. Rather it be my own character with his own story that's separate from the main story told through the game. My guy is just living around it, he wasn't around during a lot of game's main events in the game other than the Soulburst.

    Appreciate the help though, definitely and insightful advise! :)
  • jarnkoldur
    For the Empire friend!

    Lore concerning Varen Aquilarios readily found at the Imperial Library. type:book

    Interesting topic.

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