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Slightly Off | Mature, Casual, PVE, Social, Fun!

Slightly Off - PC NA

What our Guild can offer:
  • A relaxed and fun environment
  • A PVE guild with an above average skill level
  • A Casual-Core Guild
  • People to run all PVE content with (vet dungeons, achievements, trials, etc.)
  • Discord

Ideal Candidates:
  • 21 + years old
  • CP50 +
  • Stable internet connection and a capable computer that will not explode
  • Somewhere in between casual and skilled player that is always willing to improve
  • No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset (just don't be a jerk)
  • Have a good sense of humor, and can take a joke without being triggered
  • All factions/races/classes welcome, right now we need dps and healers the most!

<Slightly Off> is a small collection of individuals who have had success in the friendships we have formed and in coming together to achieve the same goals in ESO. This is not a guild filled with people who are going to tear you down for making a mistake, but rather a group who strives to work together and overcome content in a way that condones a pleasurable experience rather than a second job mentality.

We are searching for like minded individuals who want to be involved with the guild, get in discord, be self sufficient, be active and jump right in with us. If you're shy and never want to speak in guild chat or discord, you will feel left out. If you type like a 14 year old girl texting her besties, you will not fit in with us. If you are easily excited in the presence of girls and continuously make inappropriate comments in a sexual manner you will be kicked immediately. If you wanna pop open a beer and chill with some cool people who run all PvE content then you will fit right in with this guild.

we are aiming for 70-100 members max. Right now we have ~20+ members online during prime time hours and ~50 total members. Most of us are East Coast and all guild events are planned in Eastern time. Scheduled trial runs are usually Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on participation) as well as Friday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern. We have trivia nights randomly throughout the week, guild housing available with crafting stations, and general tomfoolery when we get bored and drunk!

Most of us are older in age and have lives outside the game and we will always be ok with with people putting IRL ahead of ESO.

If everything talked about here interests you and you feel that <Slightly Off> might be a good fit for you, feel free to mail in game @BriannaLuv or mail our guild @pogMAN1234 MAN1234

(I do not check the official forums as often as I should, please message us in game! Thanks!)
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