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having issues with my account

Soul Shriven
i'm unable to log in to the game after buying the newest expansion which was supposed to include the standard game. its saying my account my be inactive or my username/ password may be inaccurate. i changed my username and password on the account page and i still can't log in. upon logging into the forum it prompted me to change my password yet again and my username for the forums is different than my username on my account. i'm brand new to this i played once during the closed beta but that was years ago.
  • Stovahkiin
    If you haven't already, I suggest that you submit a support ticket and give them this info, as you are rather unlikely to get any substantial help with this here.

    It can take a while (like up to a week) to get a human reply on your support ticket, but this sounds like something they should be able to solve relatively easily.
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